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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set different designs for each page?
Yes, each page can hold its own design and its own content.

How do search engines detect QuickyWeb ?

QuickyWeb is compatible with most search engines and publishing portals.

How does QuickyWeb manage languages?

QuickyWeb works in any language you decide. Several predefined languages are also set in QuickyWeb' manager, like Norwegian, Arabic, Hebrew and others.

Can QW display multimedia files, like video and flash?

There are no limits to use any kind of files standard html can handle.

How many pages can be created?

As many as you need.

Can we manage a news website, like the most popular ones?

Yes. QuickyWeb has a structured news system, which allows you to manage a "newspaper looks like" editor. You can edit your articles, asign them to different categories, and cretae "publishing groups" to display them in a lot of graphical ways.


What about password protected pages?

QuickyWeb gives you the ability to create protected content, registration forms for users who want to reach it, and even create a subscriptions system, to give every user exactly the content you intended to. 


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