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About QuickyWeb

Over the last years, hundreds of thousands of dynamic websites where created developing thousands of interfaces to manage them. The most skilled programmers created customized applications fitting each website requirements. No standards, no shared features. Each website with its own management system.

QuickyWeb was a breakthrough in websites management systems.

QuickyWeb is a centralized websites management system, which allows owners to manage all the content, design and applications inside their sites.

QuickyWeb allows you to manage any pages as you want, any content inside that pages, any layout you desire, matching most graphic designers needs.

There are a lot of  "sites generators", but only QuickyWeb can put on the same layout static and dynamic generated content, forums, photo galeries, registration forms and authentication interfaces. No programming needed!

QuickyWeb has been built entirely on Microsoft.Net© environment, and its content are managed by SQL server and XML files, making surfing fast and comfortable.

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Build your own website with Quickyweb! Quickyweb is much more than a web hosting provider. It is a complete website building and website hosting solution