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How it Works

Every page in QuickyWeb is divided in several zones, which can be filled with any number of "content groups".

A group is a content unit
For instance, if you want to create a links buttons menu, you just need to create a "Menus" group and then edit its content, it means: any one of the buttons, create new ones, design them, set their colors, fonts, background colors or images, attached pictures, etc.

If you need to display some text in your homepage or any inner page in your website, just create a "Text and media" group and design its content the way you like most. You can attach images, multimedia files, like Macromedia Flash or any movie file you desire.


Which groups are available in QuickyWeb?
Pull down menus, static menus, forms, text and multimedia content, navigation bars, tickers, photo galleries, event boards, banners, forums, surveys, search engines, news, articles and many more...

The idea behind QuickyWeb

Let's suppose your company hired a graphic designer before deciding which kind of site will be created.

QuickyWeb is a flexible system where objects are not set in a fixed template. You can just create objects according to your needs, menu, articles, calendars, forums, photo galleries, registration forums, customers lists, surveys, any kind or structured content will be displayed exactly the way you like.

Choose different colors, fonts, background images for every page and start enjoying!!


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